I stretch out a healthy greeting to you as a parent. The significant main thrust behind my taking up this school venture has been the blended understanding of an assortment of parents concerning boarding schools in India. My own kids went to the absolute best boarding schools in India and this gave me a chance of watching intently different great and furthermore some other not very great highlights of the boarding school education framework.

The majority of the residential schools are, tragically, as yet following the western example of the day by day schedule, special plans, cooking menus and social exercises, while I unequivocally feel that there is a requirement for customization in the government-funded school framework, reorienting it to Indian culture and conventions. Keeping this in see we have tested in a little way and started a couple of changes, which have just begun proving to be fruitful.

At the KUSUMRAJ MANIAM PUBLIC SCHOOL, we help the youngsters to tap their concealed potential by presenting them to different chances and countless exercises. The CBSE board based, liberal education additionally causes them to transcend parochial mentalities and procure a genuinely global standpoint. Likewise, youngsters are prepared to learn more by doing things themselves and evaluating novel thoughts, taking disappointment and achievement in their step, with every one of their energies concentrated on genuine and deliberate exertion.

I have each expectation and conviction that The KUSUMRAJ MANIAM PUBLIC SCHOOL will turn into a head co-ed residential institution of its sort in this piece of the world soon, abundantly satisfying the educational yearnings of the parents who carry their youngsters to its entryways.

Dr. Amrendra Kumar, Director